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    Special Award Conditions

    Each MDCP award is subject to Standard Terms and Conditions (SACs). These are "standard" because they apply generally to all grants and cooperative agreement awards made by the Department of Commerce. They are part of the award package summarized on form CD-450, available to you on Grants Online. SACs are stipulations that do not apply generally to all recipients of Department of Commerce financial assistance awards, but which, instead, are applicable to only certain awards, usually those made under a particular program. So, most SACs will be the same for all MDCP award recipients. However, sometimes SACs are specific to a particular award recipient.

    SACs are usually only issued at the beginning of an award. Accordingly, you only have to certify your acceptance of/satisfaction of SACs early on, usually within 30 to 90 days of your acceptance of an MDCP award.

    Here's how to certify satisfaction of a SAC in Grants Online:



    1. Select the action Create Award Action Request.

    2. Choose the link Satisfy Special Award Condition.

    3. Choose the SAC that you are requesting to satisfy

    4. Input data into the description box; save.

    5. Attach any supporting documents with the request.

    6. Save and start workflow and forward to agency for review.

    If you need help, contact the grants specialist who covers ITA MDCP awards.

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