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    Fiscal Year Operating Plan


    Each August during the award period, the project team formulates an operating plan based on the work plan submitted in the application. The plan identifies events, projected dates, team responsibilities, and a rough cost estimates for each event and ongoing activity scheduled during the fiscal year (October through September). Applicants do not submit fiscal year operating plans in their applications. These are developed only after receipt of an award and designation of the project team. Here is an example operating plan you can use as a template.



      1. Cooperator provides rough estimate of the value of major workplan items

    a. List of the three to ten most significant activities or other project undertakings planned for the federal fiscalyear.

    b. Very rough estimate of the total value of the MDCP project budget to be devoted to each item.

    Approximate the portion of the total MDCP project budget (award, cash match, in-kind match, and indirect costs) that will be devoted to each item.. This allows ITA to gage the magnitude of cooperator effort against the amount of administrative support funds that ITA will apportion internally.

    Depending on the size of the project budget, rounding to the nearest $5,000 or $10,000 is probably accurate enough.

    2. Federal team estimates cost of its participation which may include:

    a. Travel cost of any federal team member to participate in cooperator project activity

    b. Cost of other research, trade press subscriptions, etc. needed to support the project.

    3. Federal team does not include cost of Gold Key or other CS products.
      Once exception: Market research report commissioned by CS.
    4. Federal team maintains principle of mutual benefit
      The administrative funds that pay for resources for the ITA team to support project activities and undertakings may be used only to pay the cost of resources that benefit both the cooperator's project and the ITA team.
      The federal team members will use a spreadsheet to formulate the plan. See the August 2008 MaDCaP issue for additional guidance. The ITA MDCP team leader submits the plan to the MDCP Director in mid-September. The MDCP Director considers the competing needs of all active cooperator projects and recommends an allocation of administrative funds to be used by each ITA MDCP team.
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