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    Effect of a Federal Government Shut-Down

    When Congress shut down the federal government in 2013, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued guidance. (The most relevant portions of this guidance are questions 6-9.) Based on this guidance, and our actual experience from 2013, we offer the following questions and answers, specific to MDCP projects.

    1. Does a shut-down mean that we have no claim to our MDCP award funds?

    No. Your MDCP award was made as part of a federal appropriation in a fiscal year that precedes the fiscal year of the shut-down in question. MDCP awards, made in one fiscal year, are available through all of the subsequent years that are included in the project period.

    2. May we continue MDCP project activity during the shut-down?

    Yes, but you will not be able to count on any other federal support that you may have lined up for such activity.

    3. Will we be able to claim advances or reimbursements from our MDCP award during the shut-down?

    No, do not plan on it. Advances and reimbursements are made through ASAP, a Department of Treasury system. You should expect that this system will NOT be available during a shut-down.

    4. After the shut-down, may we claim reimbursement for MDCP project expenses incurred during the shut-down?


    5. Will federal officials be available to support MDCP project activity?

    No. Not during the shut-down.

    6. May we continue to coordinate with our ITA-MDCP team and other federal officials?

    No. Not during the shut-down.

    7. Will Grants Online or be available?

    Do not count on these or any other federal web-based resource being available during the shut-down.



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