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    Final Performance Report

    Each quarter, including the final quarter of the award period, each cooperator is required to submit a report for the quarter's activity. In addition, within ninety (90) days of the end of the end fo the award period, each cooperator must submit a final performance report. Unlike the quarterly performance reports, this final report does not have a prescribed format. However, it is limited to four (4) pages. The final report is not intended to be a resubmission of all of the quarterly reports. Rather the final report should contain the cooperator's abridged summary of its most important achievements.

    The final report does not replace the report for the last quarter of the project period. The final report is to be submitted in addition to the last quarterly report.

    The final report should be posted on Grants Online and emailed to the leader of the ITA-MDCP team for that project and to Federal Program Officer Brad Hess.



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