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    Fees for Some Services Provided by the Commercial Service

    The Commercial Service participates on each MDCP project team. Applicants should understand that the Commercial Service is required to charge fees to cover costs for many of the services it provides. The policy set forth below applies to Commercial Service resources that are provided as part of MDCP cooperative agreements. The Commercial Service will provide, as part of the cooperative agreements, a limited amount of reasonable assistance to MDCP cooperators at no charge. Such assistance does not extend to an MDCP cooperator's constituent member companies or to any other for-profit enterprises. They will pay the Commercial Service normal user-fees as applicable. The policy set forth below applies to Commercial Service resources that are provided as part of the cooperative agreements. For assistance that goes beyond the "limited amount of reasonable assistance" as defined below, applicants should make provision in their budgets. To determine the cost for services provided by the Commercial Service, applicants should contact the U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEACs) or overseas Commercial Service offices.

    There may be situations that prevent the Commercial Service from providing no-charge services to cooperators. Perhaps the most common example is another event to which the Commercial Service office has already committed its resources. The definitions below will guide the domestic or overseas Commercial Service offices in implementing this policy.

    Overseas Commercial Service Offices: Limited Amount of Reasonable Assistance

    Cost-free assistance will not exceed two days' Commercial Service effort per cooperator, per country, per year. Depending on the availability of resources at the time that it is needed, the assistance could include briefings on market conditions, temporary use of Commercial Service office space, help in making appointments and hotel reservations, and organization of seminars and conferences. Direct costs and specially-prepared market research are not included in the cost-free assistance.

    No Charge

    No charges means that no fees are collected. The term applies only to indirect costs such as time expended by Commercial Service employees. Cooperators should always expect to pay direct costs, such as hiring an interpreter or transportation.

    U.S. Export Assistance Centers (USEACs)

    USEACs can generally implement the policy as a no-charge extension of normal client support. Most USEAC service to cooperators is provided as part of long-term relationships developed in local exporting communities throughout the United States.





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