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For each year's competition, ITA publishes an FFO.Your MDCP award document includes form CD450 which refers to the FFO under which you competed for your award. If you need to access that FFO online, you can do so through this page. All you need to know is the year that you received your award.

- 2016 FFO

- 2015 FFO

- 2014 FFO

- 2013 FFO

- 2012 FFO

- 2011 FFO

- 2010 FFO

- 2009 FFO




  Officials sign opening of product display center in China    
AMT representatives meet with ITA officials at AMT headquarters in Virginia in December 2014. AMT received an MDCP award in 2012 to open a support center in Brazil to assist U.S. firms seeking to export machine tools.
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