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Use of the ITA Emblem Not Allowed After Project Period Ends

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Only MDCP award recipients that have an active MDCP award. After the project period ends:

- you need to remove the ITA emblem from all virtual content such as internet pages on websites

- you no longer have permission to use the ITA emblem based on your MDCP award

If you wish to use the ITA emblem after the MDCP project period ends, there is an approval process that any ITA employee can help you to initiate. The approval process is more involved than the MDCP process.

Please do not feel like you need to hide your achievement of being selected as an MDCP award recipient. Below are suggestions of appropriate ways to acknowledge your MDCP project in partnership with ITA. You do not need approval from ITA for any of the acknowledgment examples below. You may use wording that is not the same as what you see below as long as it is in the same spirit.

Examples of appropriate post-MDCP-project acknowledgment of partnership with ITA:
[Cooperator] is a 2011 recipient of MDCP financial assistance from the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration
The [ ] project was launched in 2012 in partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration
[Cooperator] is one of five recipients in 2010 of a Market Development Cooperator Program award from the International Trade Administration










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