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Use of the ITA Emblem

ITA emblem



During their MDCP project period MDCP award recipients must acknowledge their MDCP partnership by using the ITA emblem. The ITA MDCP project team should review each proposed use of the emblem. ITA's MDCP Director must approve each use. (Here is advice for acknowledging your MDCP partnership after the project period ends.)

Use of the ITA emblem is a graphic reminder that the project is backed by a partnership with ITA. The easiest and often the most appropriate way to indicate your MDCP partnership with ITA is to include the ITA emblem in a suitable place on your website, on printed programs, in promotional material, and in emails. Links to examples are at the bottom of the page.

Note that for MDCP acknowledgment we offer only the ITA emblem. Do not use the Commerce Department seal. The seal is incorporated into the ITA emblem anyway.

The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) is part ITA's Global Markets business unit. Most MDCP activities are supported by CS; therefore, use of the CS logo can be used in conjunction with the ITA emblem. Acknowledgment of MDCP support always includes the ITA emblem and may include the CS logo. Use of the CS logo alone never constitutes appropriate acknowledgment of MDCP support. If they are used together, ITA emblem must be at least as prominent if not more prominent than the CS logo.

Use one of the emblem versions on ITA's emblem page. Or use one of these emblem images:.
  white transparent horizontal  
      blue transparent horizontal  
      white transparent stacked.jpg  
      white transparent stacked.pdf  
      white transparent  
Examples of use of ITA emblem:
  CO-Exist flyer for US firms.  
      SEMA buyer flyer English  
      SEMA buyer flyer Russian  
      SEMA exhibitor flyer  
      SEMA website  
      AWWA booth design  










ITA emblem