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Visiting the U.S. Department of Commerce at the

Herbert Clark Hoover Building (HCHB)

14th Street & Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20230


MDCP is a program of the International Trade Administration headquartered in HCHB. Here's a photo of the HCHB main entrance on 14th Street, Northwest, halfway between Pennsylvania and Constitution Avenues. After you have made an appointment to see a Commerce Department employee in HCHB you will need to gain access to the building. Enter at the street level. Show your driver license or other government-issued identification. You'll have to go through a checkpoint that is similar to what we all have to endure at an airport. Then have the security staff call the office phone number of the person you are visiting. If you are visiting Brad Hess, have the officer call 202-482-2969. If you do not get an answer try Brad's cell, 202-766-2048 or have the officer call 202-482-4921 for an escort.

Hotel accommodations in Washington, DC are not cheap. Three hotels are less than a block directly north of HCHB: "W", The Willard, and the J.W. Marriot. Other choices a little farther away, such as the Hilton Garden Inn on 14th and I streets or Hampton Inn and the Red Roof Inn over in the Chinatown area add another 15 minutes walk or five minutes by taxi but are likely to be a bit cheaper. Cheaper still should be hotels near Metro stations in suburban Maryland or Northern Virginia. For example, there is a Quality Inn a ten minute's walk from the College Park Metro station. The Metro ride to downtown from there should not take more than about 30 minutes. Try Expedia,, Destination DC or other such services for more ideas. Of course, we do not endorse any particular hotel or hotel-finder. The information above is just what we had on hand. It is intended only to give you an idea of what some of your options are so you can do your own search. If you come across a good source email and we'll add it to this list.





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