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MDCP Projects Generate Exports that Create or Sustain U.S. Jobs




Help Organizations that Help Companies

While MDCP financial assistance awards go to trade associations and other non-profit industry groups, the ultimate beneficiaries of MDCP-funded projects are individual U.S. businesses and the U.S. workers they employ. The average MDCP project lasts over three years and generates over $96 million in exports, or about $32 million per year (96/3=32). On average, one U.S. job is created or sustained for every $180,000 in exports. Accordingly, the average MDCP project creates or sustains 178 U.S. jobs per year ($32,000,000/$180,000=178).

See specific examples of exports generated by MDCP projects.

Creating or Sustaining U.S. Jobs

Some U.S. companies may be interested in licensing technology to foreign business partners. Such a sale would be considered to be an export; however, it would not be an export that creates or sustains U.S. jobs. Any export sale that does not tend to create U.S. jobs or to sustain current U.S. jobs is not the type of export that MDCP projects should be designed to support.






Officials cut ribbon to open Arab Health trade show.

Satisfied clients overseas mean jobs for U.S. employees at home, a natural result of MDCP project activity.










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