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Financial Statements


You may submit pro forma financial statements if your organization does not have recent audited statements.

All MDCP applications must include financial statements. Just because you may have recently submitted your financial statements as part of an eligibility determination request does not release you from the requirement to include your financial statements in your application.

If your organization is a separate legal entity and you do not have audited financial statements, submit pro forma financial statements. If you do not have these then submit your organization's federal tax return. If you do not have audited financial statements, state in your application when you plan to issue audited financial statements.

If your organization is not a separate legal entity you may submit other sources that estalblish that your organization has financial resources. This may be the audited financial statements of your parent organization and/or a regularly issued organization budget and/or a general ledger or other accounting system map.

Do not provide voluminous documentation that does not identify your organzation. For example, if your organization is an office in a state government agency, providing the audited financial statements for the state government might not identify your office and the financial resources available to it. It is possible in such a case that the state government budget might be a more appropriate source. But here again, be careful not to provide the entire state budget. Include only the portions relevant to your organization and how it fits into the whole.







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