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Determining MDCP Eligibility
Eligibility Category

Description of Eligible Entity

As set forth in the Federal Funding Opportunity notice (FFO).

Operating as/Purpose

Sources Specifically Requested

Decison basis can be one or two sources if they are definitive.

(if needed)

Additional Sources


1 Non-profit industry organization Small business development center Non-profit under agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Agreement with SBA
not needed
2 World Trade Center. Non-profit chartered or recognized by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA) Proof of recognition from WTCA
3 Organization granted status as a non-profit under 26 USC 501(c), which operates as one of the following: Chamber of commerce, Board of trade, Business, export/trade council/interest group, Visitors bureau or tourism promotion group, Economic development group, Small business development center, or Port authority.
Articles of incorporation or charter or similar legal document that establishes the organization as a separate legal entity
Audited financial statements for the most recent period available. If no audited financial statements are available, submit the most recent federal tax return for the organization and current pro forma financial statements. Acknowledgement of 501(c) non-profit status from IRS or auditor If organizational docs. are not clear, submit brochures, published articles, etc
4 Trade association (1) A fee-based organization (2) Consisting of member firms (3) In the same industry, or in related industries, or which share common commercial concerns. The purpose of the trade association is to further the commercial interests of its members through the exchange of information, legislative activities, and the like If organizational and financial documents do not clearly indicate it, demonstrate fee-based structure, membership basis, and common commercial concerns with webpages, member lists, brochures, and similar sources not prepared for purposes of the MDCP application.
5 State department of trade and its regional association(s) Department of a state government. Tasked with promoting trade, tourism, or other types of economic development Authorizing legislation, official organization chart, or similar document not prepared for purposes of MDCP application Normally, proof of organizational structure should suffice. If, however, the purpose of the organization is still not clear, provide additional sources such as pre-produced brochures, published articles, etc. if they clarify the purpose.
6 Associations of the departments of trade (as defined above) of two or more states
7 Entities within a state or within a region that are associated with a state dept. of trade, tourism, or other types of economic development including non-profit, non-private, non-commercial entities At least partially funded by, directed by, or tasked by a state government to promote trade, tourism, or other types of economic development. Financial statements or a listing in the accounting system of a parent organization If organizational and/or financial documents are not clear, purpose could be demonstrated with a letter from an appropriate state official such as a governor, chief of staff, or comptroller. Other proof may include documents showing tasking, funding, or decision-making by the state.
8 Private industry

Private industry firms or groups of firms


May be eligible only in cases where no entity described above represents the industry Documentation demonstrating that no entity that could be classed within one of the three eligibility categories (lines 1 through 7 above) represents their industry




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