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Clarification on Type Size and Margins


Type size and margin restrictions are set forth in IV.B. Content and Form of Applicationn beginning on page 9 of the federal funding opportunity notice (FFO) These are summarized below in table format along with additional clarfication.


Every page of the application must be easily legible. Textual documents generated by an applicant should have a one-inch margin on either side and top and bottom, and the typeface should be no smaller than 11-point. Headers and footers can lie within the margins. Pages that are not easily legible may be ignored by reviewers.


The question is whether or not the 11-point type and one-inch margin restrictions apply to graphs and worksheets generated and submitted by an applicant. The answer is, no, they do not apply to such graphs and worksheets, however these must be legible and should not be smaller than 8-point type. No minimum margin restrictions apply to graphs and worksheets.

The examples of worksheets in the budget part of the mock application are 8-point type. They constitute the type of worksheets that are within the restrictions and may be considered reasonably to be legible.

Spacing is not specifically addressed in the FFO. The publishing norm of single spacing is acceptable. But greater line-spacing intervals are acceptable as well.



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