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International Trade

In an increasingly competitive global economic environment, the International Trade Administration is continually working to improve the United States’ position in the international marketplace. The Office of Competition and Economic Analysis complements ITA’s work by analyzing the impacts of trade agreements, trade regulations, and other trade-related issues on the United States’ trade balance and overall economy.

International Trade Publications

Potential Exports of U.S. Clean Coal Technology through 2030, November 2007

[description pending]

International Trade Work in Progress

U.S. – Korea Free Trade Agreement (FTA), March 2010

This paper examines the effects of the recently agreed upon free trade agreement between the EU and Korea on U.S. trade with Korea and the U.S. economy in the context of the proposed U.S.—Korea FTA.

China Non-Tariff Meaures (NTMs), June 2010

This paper examines the effects of Chinese non-tariff measures on U.S. trade with China and the U.S. economy.

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