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The International Trade Administration is focused on job creation. Specifically, ITA works to create environments where U.S. companies can export more effectively and exporting U.S. companies can create more jobs. To support ITA’s efforts to create more American jobs, the Office of Competition and Economic Analysis assesses the impacts of various trade policies and issues on the U.S. economy and evaluates how they will affect U.S. employment.

Employment Publications

Employment Changes in U.S. Food Manufacturing: The Impact of Sugar Prices, February 2006

[description pending]

Employment Work in Progress

Estimation of Wage Premia in Export-Oriented Manufacturing Industries, March 2010

This paper will analyze the contribution of industry-level export shares to worker’s wages. The analysis of CPS “micro” data focuses on how the wage premia vary by the level of educational attainment of the workers. Simulations include an estimate of the impact of doubling exports on U.S. manufacturing wages.

Estimation of the Impact of NAAQS on U.S. Manufacturing Employment, April 2010

The purpose of the project is to estimate the impacts of the national ambient air quality standard (NAAQS) for ground-level ozone and manufacturing employment. The project will involve detailed data analysis and a written report that summarizes the methodology and the results of the economic analysis.

Jobs Supported by Trade, July 2010

Building upon work by ESA on jobs supported by exports, this project intends to develop a methodology analogous to current Census/ESA procedures to estimate jobs supported by imports. The goal is to combine this effort to develop a “Jobs supported by Trade” metric.

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