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Peru Safety and Security

The safety and security market in Peru is promising for U.S. suppliers. 

Demand for residential, industrial, and office security equipment remains strong in Peru. Public opinion polls in Lima, and other large Peruvian cities, affirm that inhabitants have a high sense of insecurity, with many people having been a victim of robberies or home break-ins. To prevent break-ins and to aid security guards, companies (headquarters and operation sites), government agencies, and households invest in a wide range of security equipment including surveillance cameras, alarms, lights, mesh netting, and barbed wire.

Pistols and revolvers are the most common self-defense weapons used in Peru. The Ministry of Interior’s National Superintendence of Control of Security Services, Weapons, Ammunition, and Explosives for Civilian Use (SUCAMEC) oversees regulation and enforcement of firearms applicable legislation, including issuing licenses to import, transport, sell, and carry weapons.

The National Police has started the modernization process with a greater preventive focus, giving special importance to working with the organized community, neighborhood councils and the private sector. Bringing the police institution closer to the population to establish a fluid social interaction is an important goal.

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers has defined as a first step the strengthening of the National Citizen Security System (SINASEC). It is the system in charge of ensuring compliance with public policies that guide State intervention in matters of citizen security. Its strengthening will allow a higher level of intersectoral and intergovernmental articulation. The National Council for Citizen Security (CONASEC) is the body in charge of formulating, conducting and evaluating citizen security policies.

The Strategic Plan for the Peruvian National Police 2020-2024 states that the GOP will spend over $117 million in the next four years on police equipment. The security and safety equipment sector in Peru is very promising for U.S. exporters due to increased product demand. Public surveys indicate most Peruvians do not feel safe in their own homes. Companies and homeowners have a growing interest in equipment including alarms, surveillance cameras, and lights.

The Peruvian Government is developing a priority project to be led by the Ministry of Interior, called PER105 with a reported $470 million budget. The desired scope includes the following:

  • A Single Emergency Phone Number: 105
  • New 7 story building to be constructed next to INDECI (National Institute of Civil Defence)
  • 8,000 video surveillance cameras
  • 8,000 body worn cameras
  • 8 drones
  • 1,990 patrol vehicles
  • 517 police motorcycles
  • 83 firetrucks
  • 25 mobile command center vehicles

Trade Shows Seguritec Peru

May 26-28, 2021 Lima, Peru Sitdef 2021

The largest Safety, Security and Disaster Relief Trade Show in Peru held every two years

May 14-17, 2021 Lima, Peru

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