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When pandemic issues subside and the Argentina economy stabilizes, travel and tourism to the United States will resume. 

Traveling is part of the Argentine lifestyle, and the United States has been a popular travel destination for both business and pleasure. Argentine travel to the United States grew by double digits for many years prior to the pandemic.
In 2017, over one million Argentines traveled to the United States, and their expenditures totaled US$4.8 billion.  However, due to the local economic crisis, Argentine travelers to the United States dropped to 854,442 passengers in 2019.  In December 2019, as part of its attempt to staunch the outflow of foreign currencies, the government of Argentina imposed a 30 percent tax on purchases made abroad or invoiced in foreign currency to include tourism services such as plane tickets or purchases abroad using Argentine credit and debit cards.

In September 2020, the government added an additional 35 percent withholding tax on purchases of dollars or overseas card payments. During the pandemic, Argentina’s government enacted many travel restrictions and closed borders for more than seven months. When the government finally authorized direct flights to the United States, at less than 25 percent capacity compared to pre-pandemic levels, many Argentines travelled resulting in 197,748 passengers, ranking Argentina as the sixth largest overseas source of tourism to the United States.  When pandemic issues subside and the economy stabilizes, travel and tourism to the United States will resume.  

The number of travelers varies depending on the season.  Peak travel times tend to be during the summer holidays from December to February and winter school holidays in July. Some also choose to travel during the week of September 21, as many children receive a spring holiday.

The top destinations visited by Argentines are Florida (particularly Miami and Orlando), New York, California, and Washington, DC.  The U.S. gateways are Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Miami, and New York City. 
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