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Argentina Consumer Goods

Argentina’s Maximum Prices regime freezes retail prices of consumer products until June 30, 2021. 

The Maximum Prices regime, freezing retail prices of consumer products is extended until June 30, 2021 with some categories of consumer goods shifting to the Cared Prices regime. Maximum Prices (Precios Maximos) regime was installed at the start of the Covid crisis last March by the Argentine Government to freeze prices of most retail consumer products, in particular, those that cover basic consumer needs such as food, hygiene and personal care products.

The Government enabled a price increase in July and a second increase in October 2020, up to 6% for some articles. The Government is also gradually removing from the list certain products or categories such as honey, wines and sparkling wines, that are not considered basic consumer needs. Some affected U.S. companies have agreed to engage in the voluntary “Cared Prices” (Precios Cuidados) program so that the Government continues to remove additional categories from the list. Cared pricing is a voluntary agreement between the government, manufacturers, distributors, supermarkets and wholesalers, which establishes prices for the most representative products of the mass consumption.

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