United Arab Emirates
Sales Service/Customer Support

Describes what is customary in the market for sales and customer support.

Last published date: 2019-10-13
Doing business in the UAE is increasingly competitive and presents many challenges.  Given increased competition and availability of quality products, providing need-based customer support and after sales service is of paramount importance.  Having satisfied consumers who keep returning and recommending to others are key factors to business success. 

Product availability and display are important.  Companies desiring to sell their goods through major supermarkets and hypermarkets must be prepared to engage merchandizers to ensure prominent shelving displays and also to optimize inventory reordering.  Also, appointed local UAE agent must be willing to undertake annual category management planning with retailers and participate in their national promotions and campaigns for greater product awareness and visibility. 

Training of agent staff to ensure timely after-sales service is also of prime importance.  The days of Caveat Emptor have been replaced with the principle of ‘Consumer Sovereignty’, and the UAE Government has formulated the Consumer Protection Law that includes:
  • Right to safety (to be protected from products, production processes and services that may cause harm to health and safety)
  • Right to representation (to express opinions to develop the goods, services, prices and availability)
  • Right to know ( to know the accurate information concerning the goods and services)
  • Right to choose (to have multiple options of items and services in competitive prices and quality)
  • Right to be informed (knowledge and skill and awareness of consumer rights and responsibilities)
Consequently, companies wanting to do business in the UAE are advised to:
  • Avoid misleading advertising and provide consumers accurate information about their rights
  • Make clear policies regarding refunds, replacement, repair or rework for defective or damaged products and/or incomplete services
  • Display prices clearly in UAE currency (AED) for goods and services in Arabic in addition to any other language
  • Provide all consumers with a dated detailed receipt
  • Label the product condition visibly and clearly for sellers of used or repaired goods
  • Offer products with valid guarantees and warrantees
  • Guarantee service quality for a period of time. If services are not carried out with due care, the service must to be provided again for free or refunded
  • Ensure that employees’ knowledge is compatible with the range of products and services offered
The current business environment thus favors foreign companies that deal with local distributors with adequate parts inventory, regular maintenance capabilities and after sale care.