United Arab Emirates
Express Delivery

Discusses the prevalence and reliability of express delivery firms within the country, time from large U.S. cities, and relevant customs procedures, including de minimis amounts.

Last published date: 2019-10-13
Express delivery shipping rates from the United States to the UAE depend on a few factors:
  • Package weight
  • Selected delivery option (e.g., urgent)
  • Selected carrier (e.g., FedEx, DHL, UPS, and USPS)
  • Delivery address, package content (e.g., restricted or regulated items which may require additional paperwork to clear customs)
Packages can be delivered to the UAE in as little as 2-4 business days.  Before an organization ships items from the United States to the UAE, the organization must confirm the products are legally allowed to be transported.  Additional information can be found at the Government of Dubai’s customs website or the UAE’s Federal Customs Authority website, located in Abu Dhabi (Muroor Street, Al Nahyan Camp Area, Abu Dhabi-UAE) and Dubai (Dubai Festival City, Festival Office Tower, First Floor, Dubai-UAE).

The Federal Customs Authority draws the customs policies, supervises the execution of customs related laws and legislation and represents the UAE in and out of the State.  Local customs departments do the executive work and draw the customs policies for each Emirate in compliance with the Common Customs Law.  The clearances are conducted by the Customs Authority in that particular Emirate, where the package is received.