United Arab Emirates
Due Diligence

Provides advice on how to perform due diligence and in what areas it is necessary for a U.S. company. Includes information on the U.S. Commercial Service International Company Profile service.

Last published date: 2019-10-13
Before signing any agreement or commencing business in the UAE, U.S. companies should conduct serious research and due diligence.  Further the company should conclude the agreement only after receiving competent professional legal advice on how to structure the document. Depending on the agreement, the contract should specify such items as the performance measures for the local agent, the length of the contract, and listing of projects and matters covered by the contract. 

The U.S. Commercial Service in the UAE can assist companies with performing due diligence through the purchase of an International Company Profile (ICP).  The ICP helps U.S. companies evaluate potential business partners by offering a detailed report on UAE companies.  ICPs provide information related to ownership and management structure, business activities, foreign companies represented, reputation in local market, and a specialist's opinion on the relative strength of a local firm and its reliability.