Thailand - Country Commercial Guide
Sales Service/Customer Support

Describes what is customary in the market for sales and customer support.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

Training, post-sales service, reliable customer support, and the availability of spare parts are the most important factors cited by Thai customers in evaluating services related to their purchasing decisions.  These factors are especially important when marketing industrial products.  Buyers seek a quick turnaround time on their requests for technical assistance and expect such service to be provided by reliable suppliers.  If a local branch cannot provide the service, suppliers should be able to acquire support from overseas branches.  Spare parts should also be available in a timely manner. 

Better support and post sales service have placed U.S. suppliers in a better position, relative to Asian competitors that provide lower-priced products.  Thai customers generally have high confidence in U.S. suppliers due to their well-trained service and support teams, availability of manuals, and willingness to modify product offerings.  Some Thai buyers would rather invest in higher quality, more expensive products, in order to save expensive maintenance costs following warranty expirations.

Suppliers of products that have complicated technologies should hire and train a team of highly qualified and experienced technical people as well as provide technical training to their customers.  It may also be advisable to set up a customer help desk.  High-end Thai customers usually consider quality, service, and price when purchasing products.  A well-trained, post sales service team can increase the possibility of repeat orders from satisfied customers.  In addition, Thai customers appreciate receiving periodic technical updates and information from their suppliers.  Often, engineers or specialists are sent by U.S. firms to stay for extended periods in Thailand to conduct larger scale training for large employee groups who will operate new equipment.

Since sending engineers and technicians for training or customer service can be costly for local end users, it is advisable for U.S. suppliers to appoint a qualified partner who can provide customers with quality services in the Bangkok area and elsewhere.  Major suppliers note that competitive pressures and slim margins have led them to place a high priority on service and support in order to retain existing customers and gain new ones.  Positive word of mouth from customers can increase the supplier’s reputation and sales volume.  Conversely, bad service can severely hamper a company’s chance for increasing sales in the Thai market.