Colombia - Commercial Guide
Sales Service/Customer Support

Describes what is customary in the market for sales and customer support.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

After-sales service and customer support are decisive purchasing factors in Colombia. Government and private firms often request that their potential suppliers provide testimonials regarding client satisfaction with equipment and after-sales service.

“Warranty imports” are an important factor that supports after sales service in Colombia. Warranty imports that include replacement parts and components by a foreign manufacturer or supplier are exempted from Colombian import duties. The Colombian Customs Code of 2000 in Section IV, Article 141, establishes that all merchandise or goods that have been repaired abroad or new ones that will replace items previously exported because they were found to be damaged, imperfect, having malfunctions or with an unsuitable end-use, and are under warranty by a foreign manufacturer or supplier, may be imported into Colombia without the payment of import duties.

All original import and re-export documentation should be kept and presented with replacement imports to clearly identify goods, together with a valid warranty document, transport documentation, etc. A warranty import process must be completed and import declaration documents presented within a maximum of one year from the date the items subject to repair or replacement were exported.

In some instances, Colombian Customs may authorize the import of replacement goods without the requirement of having previously exported the damaged goods or parts for replacement and/or repair. However, Customs will require a warranty bond equivalent to 100 percent of custom duties paid, valid for one year from the date replacement goods are being imported. This would ensure that damaged goods would then be exported within the following month from the date replacement goods were re-imported.