Colombia - Commercial Guide
Direct Marketing

Discusses the state of direct marketing and what channels are available for companies to use direct marketing.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

Direct marketing is popular in Colombia. Its growth has been fueled by such factors as technological advances in printing and distribution, the spread of cable TV, the increased use of credit cards and flexible payment plans, and changing lifestyles. Other factors include: more women entering the job market and people seeking ways to save time in making household purchases. Many stores and large distributors are producing their own catalogs for phone, mail orders, e-mail, or the web with products that can be paid for with cash, check, debit or credit cards.

E-commerce is a viable marketing alternative. The U.S. Commercial Service suggests that U.S. companies consult a local attorney before entering into e-commerce sales or contractual agreements. Internet sales in Colombia are growing rapidly as is TV marketing. Courier services are available for legal credit card purchases in the United States to be shipped to addresses in Florida and then on to Colombia. Direct shipping to Colombia is also an option.

International direct marketing is becoming more popular in Colombia. U.S. firms can take advantage of improved legislation for postal, express, and courier shipments. In order to learn more about postal and courier shipping services, please go the express delivery heading.