Brazil - Commercial Guide
Trade Promotion and Advertising

Includes web links to local trade fair or show authorities and local newspapers, trade publications, radio/TV/cable information.

Last published date: 2019-10-13

There are three main ways for U.S. companies to advertise in Brazil: through a U.S. public relations firm with an office in Brazil, a local PR company in Brazil, or direct contact with a local newspaper or magazine - some of which have a dedicated international department. With its well established and diversified industrial sector, Brazil has a variety of specialized publications that can provide excellent advertising outlets that target a multitude of trade and consumer audiences.  TV advertising can be an especially important marketing channel for Brazil’s growing consumer base. The top advertising categories by expenditure are trade and commerce, consumer services, culture, leisure, sports and tourism, media and public and social services.

The most popular magazine in Brazil, with a circulation of over one million copies, is the weekly Veja, published by the Abril Publishing Company. Like many places, daily newspaper circulation is declining, but tabloids still lead the pack:

Maganizes and Newspapers in Brazil
NewspaperStateDaily circulationFormat
Super NoticiaMinas Gerais156,572Tabloid
O GloboRio de Janeiro130,417Broadsheet
Folha de Sao PauloSao Paulo121,007Broadsheet
O Estado de Sao PauloSao Paulo114,527Broadsheet
Zero HoraRio Grande do Sul100,979Tabloid
Valor EconomicoSao Paulo29,382Broadsheet
Correio BrazilienseDistrito Federal26,493Tabloid
Estado de MinasMinas Gerais26,366Tabloid
Digital Press in Brazil
Digital PressStateDigital circulation
Folha de Sao PauloSao Paulo164,327
O GloboRio de Janeiro112,987
O Estado de Sao PauloSao Paulo88,745
Zero HoraRio Grande do Sul80,150
Super NoticiaMinas Gerais48,143
Valor EconomicoSao Paulo28,985
Estado de MinasMinas Gerais25,356
Correio BrazilienseDistrito Federal18,427

Trade fairs are another important marketing tool. The city of São Paulo hosts around 300 trade fairs per year. Other principal cities host significant shows as well, e.g. Rio for the oil and gas industry and Belo Horizonte for mining. These events attract many visitors and exhibitors from Brazil and foreign countries. Specialists from the CS Brazil participate in many of these events, and can help you arrange meetings with potential agents, distributors, lawyers and customers at these trade shows.