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Go Global: Amazon Marketplace Workshops
Join Amazon Global Marketplaces and the U.S. Commercial Service and learn how easy it is to “Go Global” using the Amazon Global Seller Platform.

Go Global: Amazon Marketplace Workshops

Go Global: Amazon Marketplace Workshops

Did you know? (USA) is just one of many different Amazon global marketplaces that can help you reach customers around the world. These educational sessions are aimed at giving U.S. exporters the information they need to get up and running quickly on global e-commerce marketplaces. In each workshop, you will learn how easy it is to “Go Global” using Amazon’s various global Marketplaces. Working with the U.S. Commercial Service will help you think in a more global direction and consider how eCommerce marketplaces fit into your broader international sales strategy.


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This presentation has great resources and information from our “Kickoff” session for this webinar series! 

Upcoming Webinars

Brazil Deep Dive Amazon
Go Global with the U.S. Commercial Service and Amazon – Brazil Marketplace Deep Dive
October 7, 2021 | 12 PM ET

Learn how to “Go Global” using the Amazon Global Seller platform. The focus of this workshop will be on the e-Commerce opportunity in Brazil and how Amazon and the U.S. Commercial Service can set you up for success in this unique market. You’ll learn about building international listings, end-to-end shipping and logistics solutions, federal grant money available to you, and more.

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Contact your local U.S. Export Assistance Center today! We can help you with the process of applying for SBA STEP Grants, which are specific to your state.

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Tell your story. If you have experienced a recent export success or challenge, our Trade Specialists would love to hear about it. This information helps us better understand U.S. business in a global context so that we can advocate for you more effectively.
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Go Global: Amazon India Workshop
Amazon Workshop Kickoff
Go Global: Amazon Singapore, UAE, and Saudi Arabia Workshop
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