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Market Development Cooperator Program
Partnering to help U.S. companies compete in international markets

Forum for Associations Accessing International Markets

Forum for Associations Accessing International Markets

Helping Your Members Succeed Abroad: Associations Sharing Best Practices

Forum for Associations Accessing International Markets (FAAIM): association executives sharing best practices

Twice a year, the Industry & Analysis unit (I&A) of the U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration (ITA) hosts trade association executives interested in sharing best practices among themselves. The target participants are senior executives representing:

  • Trade associations
  • Professional societies
  • Standards-developing organizations

Engage in international markets: network with other association executives

Your association is not the only one to face international challenges and opportunities. At FAAIM meetings association executives share their experience in helping their members to engage in international markets. Whether the experience is participating in a trade show abroad like Arab Health, pictured right, assuring transparency in standards, or establishing an office in a new market, FAAIM meetings are where association executives meet to share best practices and learn about available resources to help their industries to be more competitive.

What an association executive can expect from each FAAIM luncheon meeting

Twice a year association executives meet to discuss topics that may affect how their members compete in international markets. Here are just a few examples:

  • How do we help members get their products certified to standards used in other countries?
  • Should we help our members recertify products for export when U.S. standards & testing work well already?
  • How can international visitors get visas to attend our trade show?
  • Will a U.S. company's intellectual property be protected overseas?
  • How can our members ensure that they will be paid by foreign customers?
  • Will standards recognized by our industry in North America be accepted abroad?

Here is the agenda from the next FAAIM. See also this list of topics that the forum has addressed in the past or may address in the future. If you do not see your organization on the FAAIM invitation list, contact us.