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EMPOWER HER is the GM/US&FOCS’s partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union (AmCham EU) and AmChams in Europe (ACE) to bolster direct engagement by businesses to define and promote actionable steps they will commit to in order to advance women’s economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Empower Her Declaration

Declaration of Support for Women’s Economic Empowerment

American Chamber of Commerce to the European Union - AmCham EU

We, the signatories:

Recognizing the contribution of women around the world and the importance of an equal and equitable environment for women to thrive as leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators;

Supporting the United Nations 2030 Agenda on achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls, and the WTO “Joint Declaration on Trade and Women’s Economic Empowerment” (2017) that recognizes the contribution of inclusive trade policies to advancing gender equality, women’s economic empowerment and the subsequent positive impact on socio-economic growth;

Acknowledging that gender equality and diversity are fundamental prerequisites for achieving sustainable development and inclusive growth;

Determined to collaborate to advance gender equality and diversity in (Enter Country);

DECLARE that in signing this Declaration, we support the first steps for a better future, one that is more inclusive, diverse, and fair by:

  • Committing to increasing female representation in leadership positions; Investing to increase and deepen programs that develop skills and opportunities among women;
  • Promoting leadership development opportunities for women and other under-represented groups through targeted initiatives such as sponsorship and mentor programs;
  • Identifying opportunities to reduce gender pay gaps and implementing gender diverse requirements for all open roles;
  • Advocating for enhanced cooperation with relevant stakeholders on the topic of gender equality and diversity, including with government agencies, and the other private sector stakeholders (including associations representing women traders), to foster a harmonized and coordinated approach to implementing a gender-equal and inclusive business environment throughout the whole trade process;
  • Sharing experiences and best practices regarding the implementation of gender equality and diversity;
  • Supporting work-life balance for all employees, offering flexible work arrangements whenever possible, to promote a healthy work environment for staff;
  • The undersigned member of AmCham (Enter Country) calls on all businesses in (Enter Country) to implement comprehensive and sustainable policies, procedures, and activities to promote gender equality and diversity in line with the commitments above. They also call on Governments, the public sector, and members of the international community to support efforts to advance gender equality and diversity.


EMPOWER HER ________________________________________

XXXXXX, Chief Executive Officer
American Chamber of Commerce (Insert Country)