Earth Observation Satellite Picture
Earth Observation Technologies
July 22, 2021, 1 PM ET

Discover the growth of the commercial space market and hear from the experts on the latest U.S. Innovations being employed by the Asian Development Bank.

Earth Observation Technology Global Opportunities


  • Welcoming Remarks - Mark O’Grady, U.S. Commercial Service & Liaison to the Asian Development Bank
  • Overview of Earth Observation for Development at ADB - Thomas E. Abell, Asian Development Bank
  • Maxar Technologies - Kevin Bullock, Maxar Technologies
  • Live demo of the Nauru construction project in Data Hub, Question & Answer - Skycatch
  • Advocacy Center Assistance - Christopher James, U.S. Commercial Service
  • U.S. commercial Service and Global Tech Team Overview, Question & Answer - Molly Ho, U.S. Commercial Service

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How ADB is harnessing U.S. earth observation technologies in its work and how U.S. solution providers can leverage such innovations in their own proposals.
  • Impact earth observation technologies can reduce the need for on-site analyses and regular travel to project sites while delivering detailed insights.
  • About Innovative U.S. technologies and knowledge that are being used to drive economic recovery across the Indo-Pacific and ADB developing member countries.

Meet the Speakers 

Mark O'Grady
Mark O’Grady
U.S. Commercial Liaison to the Asian Development Bank
U.S. Commercial Service 

Mark is an experienced Foreign Commercial Service Officer with over 30 years in foreign service. Mark has a demonstrated history of working across government administrations and Multilateral Organizations. He now serves as Commercial Liaison to the Asian Development Bank.

The Liaison Office functions as part of the U.S. Executive Director’s Office at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and is designed to assist U.S. firms to understand and benefit from the Bank’s financing of international projects. In 2019, ADB projects, programs, and other development support for its developing members in Asia and the Pacific amounted to $33.74 billion. Established in 1966, it is largely financed by 68 members of which, 48 of which are also recipient Countries.

Mr. O’Grady holds a B.S. and M.A. focused in Political Science/Russian/Public Administration from University of New Mexico. 
Thomas E. Abell
​​​​​Thomas Abell
Chief of Digital Technology for the Development Unit
Asian Development Bank

Thomas Abell is the Chief of ADB’s Digital Technology for Development Unit, which promotes the effective use of digital technology across ADB programs to improve development impact. His team works with ADB member countries in supporting the transition to the digital economy and provides assistance across many areas, including eGovernment, connectivity, tech startup ecosystems, earth observation, technology policy, and industry partnerships.

Thomas has over 30 years of professional experience in digital technology, including technology policy and strategy, software development, and systems architecture. During his 10+ years of experience in international development, he has worked extensively across Asia, Africa, and Latin America, working with governments, development organizations, NGOs, and corporations. He has authored many publications on technology innovation in development, focused mainly on education, financial inclusion, and agriculture. Thomas has a master’s degree in engineering and management and a bachelor’s in engineering from MIT.
Kevin Bullock
Kevin Bullock
Director of Business Development
Maxar Technologies 

Kevin Bullock is a Director of Business Development at Maxar Technologies, a leading global provider of advanced space technology solutions, delivering end-to-end capabilities in satellites, robotics, Earth imagery, geospatial data, analytics, and insights. Kevin is an experienced leader in the mapping and remote sensing industry, having spent over 18 workings in product development, engineering, and business development. In his role, Kevin is focused on Mobility and the Automotive Industry, working with companies all over the world from the Fortune 500 to early-stage technology startups. Kevin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer from Arizona State University graduating Summa Cum Laude.
Reza Hajebi
Reza Hajebi
Chief Operating Officer at Skycatch
Darren Hsieh
Darren Hsieh
VP of Business Development at Skycatch
Alex Ramirez
Alex Ramirez
Technical Program Manager
Christopher M. James
Christopher M. James
Regional Manager for Northern
Central Europe Coordinator - Space Commerce 
U.S. Commercial Service - The Advocacy Center

Mr. James is the coordinator for space commerce for the Commercial Services’ Advocacy Center since 2018. The Advocacy Center helps level the playing field for U.S. firms competing for foreign government procurements, helping foreign governments’ commercial diplomacy on behalf of their firms and ensuring a fair and transparent tender process. Mr. James also has covered the Northern and Central European region since 2008. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.
Molly Ho
Molly Ho
Global Tech Team Director
U.S Commercial Service Denver | U.S. Department of Commerce

Molly has spent the majority of her career providing solutions to hundreds of business executives in the international trade and export arena.

Ms. Ho currently serves as the Global Technology Team Director for the U.S. Department of Commerce. At the Department, Molly has served as a Senior International Trade Specialist in New York and Arizona. As a Trade Specialist, Molly assisted her clients in closing overseas sales valued at $23.2 million.

Before joining the U.S. Department of Commerce, Molly served as an International Sales Manager at Reed Exhibitions assisting over 300 U.S. companies expand their global sales through international trade shows. Molly also has experience as a Senior Account Manager at UPS Supply Chain Solutions, where she helped clients such as Hydro Flask, FLIR systems, and Nike manage their global transportation and logistics.

Ms. Ho holds a Finance and Marketing degree from the University of Denver and an International MBA from Portland State University.