Senegal - Country Commercial Guide
Political and Economic Environment

Links to the State Department’s website for background on the country’s political environment.

Last published date: 2023-02-02

Senegal has developed strong democratic institutions since gaining independence in 1960.  Free and fair elections in 2012 brought President Macky Sall to power and consolidated Senegal’s role as an example of democracy following the 12-year tenure of Abdoulaye Wade.  International observers assessed the February 2019 presidential election, in which President Sall easily won a second term, as free and fair, despite some isolated systemic issues and a few instances of campaign violence.  Results of the July 2022 legislative elections were split between the ruling and opposition parties and conducted under transparent and peaceful conditions, according to international observers.  Senegal will hold its next presidential elections in 2024.  For more information on Senegal’s political situation, please refer to the CIA factbook and to the following site and the U.S. Department of State Countries & Areas website.