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Safety and Security Equipment

This is a best prospect industry sector for this country. It includes a market overview and trade data.

Last published date: 2021-09-05


The safety and security industry as a regulated sector in the Dominican Republic had its beginning in the early 1970s.  Today, there are over 250 companies providing security services, including guards, alarms monitoring, protection (bodyguards), cyber security, and other services. 






Total Market Size




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Exchange rate: RD$55.30 – US$1

Unit: (Millions of U.S. Dollars)

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Economic Indicators Division

In the last fifteen years, the Dominican Republic has experienced a significant increase in crime. As a result, there has been a growth in the Dominican private security services industry affecting the composition of the sector.  The National Police are seen as not being able to adequately protect property and human lives. With the current COVID-19 situation and increasing unemployment, criminality is also expected to increase, from petty theft to online scams.

Physical security companies have significantly increased in the last 10 years by 40 percent.  New strategies to better secure personal property, sensitive areas and installations, and personal safety are continuously being developed. There is a significant demand for security training and security management, due to sub-standard training and skills of the several local private security companies.  The private sector is the major end-user of safety and security systems, equipment and services.

On May 30, 2014 the Dominican Government launched the 911 Emergency System for the country’s capital, Santo Domingo.  This system includes electronic surveillance cameras, radios, and other related equipment. Expansion to Santiago, the second largest city in the country, and other northern cities was completed by fall 2017. The Government is currently working on expanding the services to the southern and northern locations of the country.

Leading Sub-Sectors

The U.S. market share of the alarm systems and parts market has been approximately 45 percent for the last three years.  Industry contacts expressed a preference for U.S. products due to quality and after-sales service.

At the same time, advancement in technology is restructuring the industry’s approach to security, particularly the replacement of guard services with electronic surveillance, alarms, and closed-circuit televisions. This is evident in the retail industry, in which a variety of high tech, cost effective and stealth electronic security devices are being used.  Cyber security has also become a very important component of the sector.  Banking and credit card related security software and training are also best prospects.

There is also a strong demand for identification and access control equipment and services, monitoring and control devices, video monitors, camera warning and signaling devices, personal protection devices, emergency response vehicles, and investigative equipment and services.

There are over 50 providers of alarm monitoring services country-wide, serving over 80,000 accounts. Around 20 percent of the alarm-monitoring providers operate their own armed guard patrol response; the other 80 percent subcontract those services and/or receive support from local police. The alarm companies are not regulated, but they are overseen by the Dominican Republic Armed Forces’ Private Security Superintendence. 

End-user receptivity to U.S. products/services in Dominican Republic is high; however, the Dominican market is extremely price sensitive, and price continues to be the principal factor in selection.


Sheila Diaz de Andujar, Senior Commercial Specialist;

Sistema Nacional de Atención a Emergencias - 911 System

Superintendencia de Vigilancia Privada – Ministerio de Defensa de la Republica Dominicana - Private Security Superintendence – DR Defense Ministry

Asociacion Dominicana de Empresas de Segurida – ADESINC - Association of Private Security Companies