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Panel Title: The Unobstructed Supply Chain

Join representatives from leading companies as they highlight strategies for managing supply chains in terms of stability, agility, connectivity, and speed. As an attendee, you will receive expert perspectives for establishing efficient supply chains as panelists discuss issues relating to logistical process management improvements, emerging technologies for g oods and information management, and streamlining recovery and continuity of operations.

Panel Title: Facilitating Trade Movements Across Borders

Listen to public and private sector experts discuss governmental policies and regulations in the Americas that impact the cross border movement of goods between and among manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and the consuming public. These experts will share perspectives on establishing an environment where consumers enjoy a high standard of living, a wide array of consumer goods, and low prices. You will hear panelists discuss issues concerning customs procedures, trade facilitation, and market access issues.

Panel Title: Merging Public and Private Efforts for Supply Chain Capacity Building

Discover how synergy is reached when the government, academia, and the private sector use their respective strengths in developing and utilizing resources and technology to address logistical challenges. You will hear cutting-edge case studies where collaborative efforts in financing of infrastructure development solved supply chain capacity limitations and how some of these projects are being replicated in other parts of the Americas.

If you have comments or suggestions on the Global Supply Chain Strategies track, please contact:

Bruce Harsh at 202-482-4582 or
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