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Walter Bastian

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Western Hemisphere

Department of Commerce

(0:10)We’re now at the point where we are going to begin the formal part of our luncheon program. And the one thing that I would ask everybody to do who has got one of these things is to please turn them off. (0:22) Check your purses, check your jacket pockets. (0:25)We’ve got a couple of really fascinating speakers and I don’t want anything to happen to distract from their presentations. (0:32) At the conclusion of the remarks by our two luncheon speakers you will have the opportunity to ask questions. We will have somebody… a couple people roaming though (0:43) the audience with wireless mikes. And I would urge you to please take advantage of that. Our luncheon speakers today are the Chief Technology Officer of Nortel John Roese and the man with one of the most unusual titles, the Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google, Mr. Vinton Cerf. (1:10) First I’m really please to welcome John Roese the Chief Technology Officer of Nortel to the podium. (1:17)As the Chief Technology Officer Mr. Roese is responsible for leading Nortel’s overall research and development strategy and execution and for directing future research across all product portfolios and you will find a more detailed, a very detailed bio in your program. Mr. Roese. (1:37)And while he’s stepping up to the microphone I also wanted to thank the support that we’ve gotten from Nortel. Because on the communications side we wouldn’t have much of a program without the assistance of the NASA program earlier today, something they’ve been working on for months and months, thank you very much I think it went on pretty well. John.