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Confirmed Government Officials

As of Wednesday May 30, 2007



José Manuel De La Sota, Governor, Province of Cordoba

Anthony Wayne, U.S. Ambassador

Jose Octavio Bordon, Ambassador of Argentine to the United States

Miguel Gustavo Peirano, Secretary of Industry & Commerce



Calvin Knowles, Managing Director, Bahamas Development Bank



Mia Mottley, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Economic Affairs & Development

Sandra Payne, Senior Business Development Officer, Invest Barbados

Derek Gibbs, Senior Economist, Research & Planning Unit, Division of Economic Affairs

Sonja Trotman, Director, Research Planning and Information, Barbados Investment and Development Corporation



Lourdes Smith, Chairman, Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE)



Ramiro Uchani Chirinos, Vice Minister of Micro and Small Business, Ministry of Production and Small Business



Alessandro Teixeira, President, Agency of Industrial Development

Ivan Ramalho, Vice Minister of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade

Antonio Patriota, Ambassador to the United States



Alejandro Ferreiro,  Minister of Economy

Mariano Fernandez, Ambassador to the U.S.



Maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry



Luis Guillermo Plata, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Colombia

Fabio Valencia, Special Advisor to the President, Colombia

Cecelia Velez White, Minister of Education

Hernán Martínez Torres , Minister of Mines and Energy


Costa Rica

Marco Vinicio Ruiz, Minister of Foreign Trade

Marvin Rodríguez , Director of Investment and Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Trade

Roberto Calvo Retana, Director, Costa Rica Provee, Foreign Trade Corporation of Costa Rica (PROCOMER)

Tomas Dueñas, Ambassador to the United States


Dominican Republic

Andres van der Horst, President of the National Competitiveness Council

Franklin Lithgow , Center of Export and Investment



Raúl Sagasti, Minister of Industry and Competitiveness

Esteban Vega - Under Secretary of Competitiveness


El Salvador

Ana Vilma de Escobar, Vice President

Yolanda de Gavidia, Minister of Economy

Patricia Figueroa, Executive Director, National Investment Promotion Agency (PROESA)



Emmanuel Seidner, Deputy Presidential Commissioner for Investment and Competitiveness

P. Miguel Sallés, Investment Legal Advisor, Invest in Guatemala

Guillermo Castillo, Ambassador to the United States



Irwin LaRocque, Assistant Secretary of General Trade and Economic Integration (CARICOM)



Maguy Durce, Minister of Commerce

Guy Lamothe, General Director of the Investment Facilitation Center



Elizabeth Azcona, Minister of Industry and Commerce

Yusuf Amdani, Presidential Advisor on Investment Promotion

Myriam Elizabeth Mejía , Minister and National Commissioner for Science and Technology

Cristina Rodríguez , Director of Quality Assurance and Environment, Honduran Council for Science and Technology (COHCIT)

Ivette Castillo , Director of Scientific Development and Innovation, Honduran Council for Science and Technology (COHCIT)

Roberto Flores Bermúdez , Ambassador to the United States

Charles Ford, U.S. Ambassador

Virgilio Umanzar , Commissioner Presidential Competitiveness Council



Ivan Anderson, Managing Director, National Road Operating and Constructing Company (NROCC)

Gordon Shirley, Ambassador to the United States

Robert Gregory , Director Jamaican Investment and Promotion Corporation



Eduardo Sojo, Minister of Economy

Beatriz Leycegui, Under Secretary for International Trade Negotiations

Eduardo Solis, Chief of the Office for Investment Promotion



Jaime Morales Carazo, Vice President

General (Ret.) Alvaro Baltodano, Senior Cabinet Member, Presidential Delegate for Investment Promotion and Executive Secretary, Free Zone Corporation and National Commission

Orlando Solorzano, Minister of Development, Industry and Trade

Dionisio Marenco, Mayor of Managua

Carlos Zuniga, Technical Director, National Free Zone Commission

Maria Rubiales, Director of Investment Promotion and Communications, Free Zone Corporation and Commission

H. E. Arturo Cruz, Ambassador to the United States



Alejandro Ferrer, Minister of Commerce and Industry

Juan Planells F, Director of the National Institute of Professional Education and Training for Human Development (INADEH)



Jose Maria Ibanez, Minister of Industry and Commerce

Carlos Walde, Minister, Economic Advisor to the President, Executive Director of the Paraguay Millennium Challenge Corporation Threshold Program

HE James Spalding, Ambassador to the United States



Mercedes Araoz , Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism

David Lemor. Special Advisor for the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement, Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism

Milton Vera Gamero, Mayor of the District of Yanahuara


Saint Kits and Nevis

Timothy Harris, Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs


Saint Lucia

Guy Mayers, Minister for Trade,Industry and Commerce


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Louis H. Straker, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister



Clifford P. Marica, Minister of Trade and Industry, Suriname

Margaret Kerkhoff-Zerp, Deputy Director of Industry

Trinidad and Tobago

Hazel Manning, Minister of Education

United States

Carlos M. Gutierrez, U.S. Secretary of Commerce

Henry M. Paulson, U.S. Secretary of Treasury

Margaret Spellings, U.S. Secretary of Education

Robert Mosbacher Jr., President, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

Linda Conlin, First Vice President and Vice Chair, Export-Import Bank

Franklin L. Lavin, U.S. Undersecretary of Commerce for International Trade



Jorge Lepra, Minister of Industry, Energy, and Mining

Frank Baxter, U.S. Ambassador

Carlos Gianelli, Ambassador to the United States