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Panel Title : Building A Bridge - The Link Between Education and Business

One of the primary areas in which the Hemisphere has fallen behind is the lack of coordination between our education systems and the business community. The primary objective of this panel discussion will be to highlight and discuss program models which best exemplify an integrated partnership between the education and the private-sector and to explore the impact those relationships have on competitiveness.

Panel Title: Maximizing Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

In the new global economy, talent development is a key factor in competitiveness. To support workers’ transitions to the new opportunities being created through science and technology and in other growth sectors, governments must strengthen partnerships focused on demand-driven skills development and lifelong learning. Success is built on companies, workers, researchers, educators and multiple government entities working together to design and implement strategic approaches to workforce development and competitiveness. Panelists will frame the discussion around some of the examples in the region that showcase the benefits of partnerships in strategic workforce development initiatives.

Panel Title: The Global Model: What Can We Learn from Other Regions?

While it is imperative that we address how to approach education and workforce development challenges in the Americas, it would be tremendously short-sighted not to consider some of the global initiatives originating from outside the region as a substantive part of the discussion. This panel will focus on relevant global initiatives and assess what makes these models so successful. This panel will also explore the impact these programs have on the quality of life, as well as their economic impact. Most importantly, this panel will discuss how these practices may serve as models for our individual and collective efforts within the Hemisphere to address the issue of competitiveness.

Panel Title: The Quality of Education in the Americas

While a number of international studies indicate that the Hemisphere is falling behind in the quality of education when compared to other regions, it is those with the lowest socioeconomic status that are the most adversely affected. The objective of this panel is to highlight some of the most recent strides in developing stronger policies and programs intended to address common, long-standing challenges and provide an opportunity for dialogue on the importance of student learning at all levels.

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