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Market Development Cooperator Program
Partnering to help U.S. companies compete in international markets

Apply for MDCP Funding

MDCP awards include financial and technical assistance from the International Trade Administration (ITA) to support projects that enhance the global competitiveness of U.S. industries.

Step-by-Step Application Process

  1. Browse the MDCP site to learn more about MDCP funding and about MDCP projects.
  2. Contact Brad Hess to determine whether your project idea falls into the program parameters.
  3. Request a determination of eligibility.
  4. Consult Department of Commerce staff likely to be interested. These include industry specialists, domestic field specialists, international field staff, and country desk officers. Potential applicants like this association executive find calls with staff helpful: "Thanks very much for setting up this morning’s teleconference. It was certainly helpful to brainstorm with your team in Beijing which gave us some additional approaches to use in the proposal."
  5. Register on (Do this right away. It can take two weeks from the time you register until it registers in
  6. Read the Federal Funding Opportunity Notice (FFO).
  7. Prepare your application. Use the mock application below as a guide.
  8. Use the "How To Submit" instructions as a guide in submitting your application in

Guidelines and Resources for Application Preparation

A new competition is announced each year, usually in early January, with applications due 60 days later. But the requirements for MDCP applications do not change very much from year to year, so an eligible organization can start to prepare its application at any time. The following should help any eligible organization to start preparing an application.

Actual applications by MDCP award winners from previous years

Many of the applications that were submitted by prior winners of MDCP awards are available for review on our list of MDCP projects. When referring to these applications please remember that they were submitted pursuant to a federal funding opportunity notice specific to the year of the competition. All applications are evaluated relative to the other applications submitted that year. The same application submitted one year might not win if it had been submitted in another year. ITA usually receives far more worthy applications than it has resources to fund.

Mock application

A mock application is provided below. As described in the FFO, a complete MDCP application includes Parts 1, 2, and 3. A summary of each of these parts is set forth below. Note that there is no link to an example document for Part 1, Forms. Each applicant downloads forms from and submits them online. These submitted forms constitute Part 1 for any applicant. You can see forms submitted in actual applications by MDCP award winners from previous years.

Part 1, Forms

Part 2, Project

Part 3, Budget: Narrative

Part 3, Budget: Financial Statements

Part 3, Budget: Other attachments (may or may not be applicable)