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Africa Aerospace and Defense 2022 is On

Africa Aerospace and Defense 2022 is On

The highly anticipated Africa Aerospace and Defense show is back on, taking place in September 2022 in South Africa. The AAD Show, which was cancelled in 2020 and 2021, will take place from September 21 – 23, 2022 at AFB Waterkloof, in Pretoria
As one of the premier marketing opportunities in the Southern Hemisphere, the AAD show attracts numerous foreign buyer delegations. Its marketing reach is across all of Africa, the Middle East and Asia. AAD 2018 had 486 foreign and domestic exhibitors, 32,538 trade day visitors and 112 foreign delegates.
The U.S. Commercial Service Sub-Saharan Africa will again offer business development services for new and established defense and civilian solution providers during the AAD Show. 
CS South Africa will offer support with market research, counseling, matchmaking, hospitality opportunities, and advocacy for key accounts. Many agencies of the US Government will be on-hand for support. Kallman Worldwide, Inc. will host a USA Pavilion.
Regional prospects for U.S. suppliers exist in Counter-Insurgency, Refurbishment, Training, Border / Maritime Surveillance, and Tactical Lift.

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Aerospace Updates By Country

Nigeria presents significant opportunities for commercial air travel. A large land mass, insecurity, and poor infrastructure necessitate intra-country air travel. There have been several entrants into air service space in the last decade, including Cally Air, Ibom Air, Green Africa Airways, Air Peace, and United Nigeria Airlines. More specialized services have arisen to service business travelers, oil and gas, and other critical sectors, including U.S.-based operator Bristow Group. These services have differentiated due to the perception of reliability when compared to other commercial alternatives, which are frequently delayed. In the international space, Nigeria has several international airlines that service Lagos and Abuja. United Airlines recently reentered the market after a five-year hiatus with a direct flight from Washington, D.C. to Lagos. In June 2018, the Nigerian government announced its intention to relaunch a national air carrier later that year. The initiation of services has slipped several times, but officials remain adamant on the launch (now slated for April 2022).

The poor state of support facilities and airports is a challenge for air carriers but an opportunity to service providers. Nigeria and all Western Africa lacks a functional maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) facility. The passenger and aircraft facilitates at the major airports are both in need of investment. The Government of Nigeria reached a deal on terminal construction with a state-owned Chinese enterprise. However, many aspects of the projects have overrun budget and timelines. In 2021, Nigeria released concession for the operation of it’s four largest airports in Lagos, Abuja, Kano, and Port Harcourt. However, no award was ever announced.

In the military aerospace sector, Nigeria continues to express interest in American aircraft, helicopters, services, and equipment. Sierra Nevada Corporation (Reno, NV) made headlines when it contracted with the Nigerian Air Force to deliver 12 U.S.-built A-29 Super Tucano light attack aircraft. The first batch was delivered in October 2021. Nigeria continues to experience significant insecurity in all areas of the country including terrorism, separatist movements, porous borders, and oil banditry. The Government of Nigeria seeks aerial solutions to these issues. However, concerns over human rights violations resulted in Congress halting the sale of attack helicopters in 2021.

Leadership Changes at Ethiopian Airline Group (EAG): Ethiopian Airlines is the largest and most successful airline in Africa. The Airline Group has been under the helm of Mr. Tewolde Gebremariam for 11 Years

On March 23, 2022. Mr. Tewolde resigned on early retirement for health reasons, and he was replaced by Mr. Mesfin Tasew. Mr. Tasew had served the Ethiopian Airlines Group in the capacity of Chief Operation Officer before he moved on to lead ASKY Airline as a CEO. A new Board Chairman was also appointed the veteran aviation person, Girma Wake to chair the Group board effective March 23, 2022.  New faces on the board of directors included Lieutenant General Yilma Merdassa, Ethiopian Airforce Commander, Mr. Temesgen Tiruneh, Former Amhara region president and current advisor to the Prime Minister, Mr. Teklewold Atnafu, former governor of National Bank of Ethiopia and current advisor to the Prime Minister, Tadesse Tilahun, CEO of National Oil Corporation are all members of the newly formed board of directors of EAG. 

Mr. Tewolde led the Airline for over a decade with magnificent success reflected in the growth of revenue from one Billion USD to 4.5 billion, increasing the number of airplanes from 33 to 130 and tripling passengers from 3 million to 12 million passengers (pre-COVID). The airline group under Mr. Tewolde’s leadership has built more than USD 700 million worth of vital infrastructures like Africa’s biggest hotel, Cargo terminal, MRO hangars and shops, Aviation Academy, and Full Flight Simulators.  

Ethiopian Airlines Group is a number one buyer of U.S. goods and services in Ethiopia with Boeing aircraft with GE engines dominating the airline group’s fleet. U.S. design and construction companies are keenly waiting for the 5-billion-dollar new airport project the Group plans to build. It is yet to be seen whether this new airport project will be accelerated or delayed with new leadership at the helm of the Airline Group

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