Investment Law Streamlines the Investment Process

October 11, 2002

Afghanistan adopted an investment law that is open to foreign investment and creates a single point-of-contact for investors.

Key features of the law:

The only requirement to invest in Afghanistan will be to maintain a valid bank account and to pass a criminal background check.

Investments in Afghanistan can be 100-percent foreign owned.

Previous requirements for foreign investors to deposit $50,000 to obtain a commercial license, and domestic investors to place collateral amounting to half the value of the planned investment, are now waived.

This law created a High Commission for Investment (HCI), a policy-making body composed of the Ministers of Commerce, Finance, Planning, Foreign Affairs, Justice, and Reconstruction. To execute Afghanistan's investment policy, a Technical Board was established consisting of representatives from each of the HCI ministries. The chief mandate of the HCI and Technical Board is to expedite the investment process by serving as the single point-of-contact for interested domestic and foreign investors.

The unofficial translation of the new investment law by the U.S. Embassy in Kabul is available in both HTML and Adobe Acrobat PDF formats  PDF format .

The private investment application based on the investment law is available in HTML and PDF , formats.

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