Afghan Telecom Market Brief

May 27, 2004

Overview of the telecom market (350KB PDF only) and policy environment.

Telecommunications Sector Report

January 2004

This annex (200KB PDF only) to the Securing Afghanistan's Future report addresses the Afghan government's communications objectives and policies as well as international donor activities for the telecommunications sector.

National Development Program Budget Submission for Telecommunications (and Energy and Mining)

March 2003

This report 2/Energy, Mining and Telecommunications - with budget.pdf (190KB PDF only) includes the objectives and budget prepared by the Afghan Ministry of Communications for the telecommunications sector.

Draft Information and Communication Technologies Policy Paper

February 2003

This report (PDF only) by the UNDP and Ministry of Communications policy paper outlines an action plan and strategy for information and communication technologies in Afghanistan.

Updated Telecommunications and Internet Policy

July 2003

In October 2003, the Afghan government ratified the Telecommunications and Internet Policy that addresses the role of the Afghan government, creation of a regulatory authority, competition policy, and telecommunication services licenses.

Telecommunications Development Strategy

October 2002

This report includes the strategic objectives and priority projects of the Ministry of Communications.

ICT Policy Development and Implementation Seminar Report

October 2002

This report (PDF only) is a summary of discussions by Afghan government officials at an ICT policy seminar sponsored by the United Nations Development Program.


Projects and Opportunities

Afghan Government

The Afghan government proposed these telecommunications (and energy and mining) projects for the Afghan year 1383 (March 2004-March 2005) development budget.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA)

In March 2003, TDA awarded a $280,081 grant to the Afghan Ministry of Communications to fund a feasibility study on a proposed telecommunications backbone project (PDF only).

Provides funding for a policy advisor to the Ministry of Communications.

Funded the drafting of Afghanistan's telecommunications policy and development strategy.

Sponsored the September 2002 orientation visit to the U.S. by the Minister of Communications to meet with U.S. companies and appropriate U.S. Government agencies.

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

In February 2003, USAID began a $290,000 initiative to link the Afghan government in Kabul with its 31 provincial governments through a radio network. This is a joint project with the Afghan Ministry of Communications to create direct communication between the central government and the provincial governments.

World Bank

In December 2002, the Public Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility approved a grant of $468,800 for strengthening telecommunications regulations in Afghanistan.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Information Communication Technology capacity building

UNDP Helps Afghanistan's Private Entrepreneurs Increase ICT Training

Other Projects

National and International Satellite Network Installation (165KB PDF only) ($5.5 million)

Microwave Link to Pakistan Installation (170KB PDF only) ($1.4 million)

In the Media


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-July 28, 2003 (BBC)

Linux Reaches Afghanistan
-July 15, 2003 (BBC)

Afghans Launch New Mobile Network
-June 26, 2003 (BBC)

Kabul's Cyber Cafe Culture
-June 16, 2003 (BBC)

Computer First for Afghan Women
-April 8, 2003 (BBC)

Rewiring Afghanistan
-April 1, 2003 (Business 2.0)

TSI Purchases Siemens Switch for Afghan Wireless GSM System
-March 10, 2003 (BBC)

USAID Connects Kabul with Provincial Governments
-February 4, 2003 (USAID)

Afghanistan Looks to Digital Future
-December 5, 2002 (BBC)

AKFED-Led Consortium Wins Afghan Telecom License
-October, 2002 (Aga Khan Development Network News)



Ministry of Communications

Development Gateway:

Telecoms and Wireless

Digital Divide and ICTs One Year Later


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