Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC)

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The TFAC advises the Secretary of Commerce in identifying effective ways to expand access to trade finance for U.S. exporters and their foreign buyers.

Trade Finance Advisory Council (TFAC)

Established in 2016, and now on its third rechartering, the TFAC provides a dynamic forum for various professionals in trade finance to offer the Secretary balanced and comprehensive insights on current challenges and prospects. The TFAC offers the opportunity for public input in the development of strategies that the Department of Commerce may incorporate as part of its export promotion and trade finance education efforts.

The Office of Finance and Insurance Industries in ITA’s Industry and Analysis (I&A) unit administers the TFAC, and I&A’s Assistant Secretary serves as the Executive Director.

On Thursday, August 4, 2022 from 1:00 - 2:45pm EST, the TFAC will hold the fourth and final virtual public meeting of its third charter term. To register for the meeting, please email Patrick Zimet at by Friday, July 29, 2022 at 5:00pm EST. 

Current Membership

In May 2021, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo approved the appointment of 19 members that are currently serving a two-year term:

  • Karlo Morgado, Senior Vice President, Global Trade Solutions, Amegy Bank 
  • Steve Simchak, Head of International Department, Vice President, and Counsel, American Property Casualty Insurance Association 
  • Craig Weeks, Independent Consultant, Instructor, Seminars & Education Programs, Bankers Association for Finance and Trade 
  • Combiz Abdolrahimi, Emerging Technology & Innovation Leader, Government & Public Services, Deloitte Consulting 
  • Jeffrey Saviano, Global Tax Innovation Leader & MIT Connection Science Fellow, Ernst & Young LLP 
  • Zara Castillo, Director, Export Finance Assistance Center of Washington 
  • Michael Salerno, Vice President, Global Banking Group, First National Bank of Omaha 
  • Chapin Flynn, Senior Vice President, Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth 
  • Kevin Klowden, Executive Director, Center for Regional Economics & California Center, Milken Institute 
  • Angelique Bartholomew, Vice President, Business Development, MPACT Strategic Consulting 
  • Martin Ezemma, Director, International Business Development, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation 
  • Filipe Mossmann, Managing Director, Head of Trade Sales Americas, Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Ken Wengrod, Managing Member, Stealth Management Group, LLC 
  • Andrea Ratay, Vice President, Global Trade Finance, TD Bank 
  • John Bridge, Executive Vice President, Government & Law Enforcement, Trust Stamp 
  • Dave Shogren, President, U.S. International Foods, LLC 
  • Doug Kemper, Director, International Banking, Washington Trust Bank 
  • Roxanne Baumann, Director, Global Engagement, WMEP Manufacturing Solutions 
  • Brett N. Silvers, President & CEO, WorldBusiness Capital, Inc. 

First Term 

November 18, 2016 meeting

April 5, 2017 meeting

June 8, 2017 meeting

September 18, 2017 meeting

February 22, 2018 meeting

April 26, 2018 meeting

June 21, 2018 meeting

First Term Recommendations

Second Term

January 29, 2020 meeting

March 27, 2019 meeting

June 20, 2019 meeting

May 15, 2020 meeting

July 16, 2020 meeting

Second Term Recommendations

Third Term

Third Term Charter

July 13, 2021 meeting

December 2, 2021 meeting

April 12, 2022 meeting

For more information about the TFAC, please contact:

Patrick Zimet
Designated Federal Officer of the TFAC
Phone: (202) 306-9474