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Office of Transportation and Machinery

The Office of Transportation and Machinery (OTM) undertakes industry analysis, contributes to U.S. trade policy development, participates in trade negotiations, organizes trade capacity building programs, and evaluates the impact of domestic and international economic and regulatory policies on the aerospace, automotive, and machinery industries. OTM works with other Department of Commerce units and U.S. agencies in developing a public policy environment that advances U.S. competitiveness at home and abroad.

A key to the successful efforts of OTM and other I&A offices is our strong working relationship with trade associations and individual companies within our sectors.

Please contact us regarding any competitiveness issues your company or trade association might have.

What We Do For You:

  • Promote U.S. policies that encourage the competitiveness of the aerospace, automotive, and machinery industries

  • Seek to ensure that U.S. regulations and other programs do not adversely impact U.S. industry competitiveness

  • Develop and recommend U.S. policy positions for multilateral and bilateral discussions related to the aerospace, automotive, and machinery industries that ensure U.S. companies are safeguarded from unfair trading practices

  • Provide information, trade data, and industry analysis to the U.S. business community, policy makers, and trade negotiators

  • Maintain close liaison with U.S. aerospace, automotive, and machinery firms to focus and construct programs that enhance U.S. industry's competitiveness

  • Provide export assistance, including advocacy and business counseling, to help aerospace, automotive, and machinery companies penetrate new markets, increase market share, and resolve specific market obstacles

  • Participate as members of sector-specific trade negotiating teams


Last Updated: 8/5/13 5:09 PM