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Background Information

The Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Aerospace Equipment (ITAC-1) and the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods (ITAC 2) are comprised of representatives from a broad cross-section of the aerospace industry, automotive industry and capital goods industry, including associations and producers of airplanes, aerospace equipment, automobiles and trucks, automotive components, truck equipment, metalworking machinery, and construction equipment.

Members of the ITAC advise the Secretary of Commerce and the United States Trade Representative (USTR) on trade and provide detailed policy and technical advice, information, and recommendations regarding trade barriers and negotiations and implementation of existing trade agreements affecting its sector. They also perform other advisory functions relevant to U.S. trade policy as may be requested by the Secretary and the USTR.

Members have provided advice on various issues, including: market access, trade barriers, steel safeguard and steel prices, free trade agreements, the World Trade Organization (WTO) Doha Round of trade negotiations, other regional and bilateral trade agreements, Rules-of-Origin, and intellectual property rights.

Join an ITAC

Eligibility to serve as an advisor on ITAC-1 or ITAC-2 is limited to U.S. citizens representing U.S. manufacturing or service firms from the aerospace, automotive equipment or capital goods sectors. Committee members are expected to provide advice to the U.S. Government as representatives of their industry sector. Each member serves, directly or indirectly, as the representative of a U.S. entity that trades internationally and is engaged in the manufacture of a product or the provision of a service (including retailing and other distribution services), or an association of such entities.

For information on ITAC-1 (Aerospace Equipment)

For information on ITAC-2 (Automotive Equipment and Capital Goods)

To join an ITAC or get additional information on membership visit the Industry Trade Advisory Center’s website at or contact:

The Industry Trade Advisory Center
Room 4043
U.S. Department of Commerce
Washington, DC 20230
phone: (202) 482-3268;
fax: (202) 482-4452


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