Global Market ($ million): N/A

U.S. Industry Revenue ($ million): $30,000

Employees: 79,000

Companies: 1,692

U.S. Exports ($ million): $6,000

U.S. Imports ($ million): $6,500

Top 5 U.S. Companies

Rockwell Automation, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

NACCO Materials Handling Group, Cleveland, OH

Harlan Global Manufacturing, LLC, Kansas City, KS

Taylor-Dunn Manufacturing Company, Anaheim, CA

Jervis B. Webb Company, Farmington Hills, MI

Top 5 Foreign Companies

Komatsu (Japan)

Krones, Inc. (Germany)

Sumitomo Heavy Industries, LLC (Japan)

Linde Material Handling Group (Germany)

Toyota Industries (Japan)

Top 5 International Markets




United Kingdom


Top 5 International Issues

Elimination of Tariffs Worldwide

China market access issues including currency valuation, enforcement of intellectual property rights protection, greater reliance on market-based principles

Foreign laws and regulations limiting market access

Availability of financing at competitive rates for infrastructure development

Standardization of environmental and safety standards

Top 4 Domestic Competitiveness Issues

Tax reform, including accelerated depreciation deductions

Energy costs

Innovation and workforce development

Raw materials costs

Updated 5/2009