Federal Reserve Bank

The Consumer Credit for Auto Loans data can be found at the Federal Reserve Board's (FRB) web site. Specifically, publication:

G.19 Consumer Credit

G.20 Finance Companies

Prior year, quarterly and current month data are available on the FRB web site.

Plant Capacity and Utilization, are available from the Federal Reserve Board (FRB) Series G-17 Report, "Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization." In each table below, scroll down to Category Code B37114 (Autos and Light Trucks). Data is entered to three decimal points, reading from January on the left to December on the right, one year per row.

The current data set by clicking here for capacity index numbers,

The utilization Index.

The capacity index, which is the FRB's estimate of "sustainable potential output," is expressed as a percentage of actual output in 1992. Capacity utilization is a seasonally adjusted output index, expressed as a percentage of the capacity index.

See the FRB's Documentation page for additional information.