Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates the value of transactions in motor vehicles as part of its effort to estimate the nation's Gross Domestic Product. Interactive tables, allowing you to specify time periods of interest, are now are available on BEA's Supplemental Tables section of their National Income and Products Accounts Tables web page.

For additional information, go to BEA's homepage, or phone their Public Information Office at 202-606-9900.

The Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) offers a self-extracting spreadsheet on its web site that contains the following total-industry tables:

  1. Tab 1 Domestic auto unit sales
  2. Tab 2 Foreign auto unit sales
  3. Tab 3 Domestic light truck unit sales
  4. Tab 4 Foreign light truck unit sales
  5. Tab 5 Heavy truck unit sales
  6. Tab 6 Light vehicle and total vehicle sales
  7. Tab 7 Domestic auto unit production
  8. Tab 8 Canadian and Mexican auto unit imports
  9. Tab 9 Auto unit exports
  10. Tab 10 Domestic auto unit inventories, seasonally adjusted

For a directory of all of BEA's National Income and Product Account Tables