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SMI Sector Focus Study Series

The SMI’s Sector Focus Study series aims to inform public and private sector stakeholders about the specific sustainability-related challenges, present day best practices and unrealized opportunities that exist in specific U.S. manufacturing sectors. By shedding light on the market drivers for an industry sector’s natural resource efficiency, the Department aims to provide clarity on a) the specific hurdles U.S. firms are facing in their efforts to become more resource efficient and thus, more competitive, b) what firms are doing to overcome these hurdles, c) the potential cost saving and value-adding opportunities associated with the sustainable production practices specific to a selected sector, d) identifying the U.S. government programs and resources designed to help firms in a selected sector meet their sustainability-related goals and e) identifying unexplored areas of public-private collaboration that could help enhance the sustainability and competitiveness of U.S. firms in a selected sector.

Please visit this page in the coming months as new studies are posted.

Packaging Machinery: Sustainability and Competitiveness