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Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative

OECD Releases Sustainable Manufacturing Metrics Toolkit OECD has released the final version of the Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit.

Measuring environmental performance is a key first step on the road to sustainability. However, measuring performance can be difficult, especially for smaller companies.

This free toolkit provides a set of 18 internationally applicable, common and comparable key performance indicators to measure and improve the environmental performance of manufacturing facilities and products. It can be used by companies of any size and is designed to be used by non-experts.

Click here to learn more about the toolkit.

This website serves as the central information portal for U.S. companies on what the U.S. Department of Commerce and other federal government agencies are doing to support sustainable manufacturing in the United States.

In order to offer effective and continued support to U.S. companies in their sustainable manufacturing efforts, Commerce’s Manufacturing & Services unit has launched a Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (SMI) and Public-Private Dialogue that aims to a) identify U.S. industry’s most pressing sustainable manufacturing challenges and b) coordinate public and private sector efforts to address these challenges.

On this website you will find Information about Commerce’s Sustainable Manufacturing Initiative (SMI) and Public-Private Dialogue