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“Enhancing U.S. Competitiveness Through Sustainable Manufacturing: A Public-Private Dialogue”

On September 27, 2007, the Department of Commerce held its initial sustainable manufacturing event aimed at obtaining individual stakeholder input for use in shaping the scope and agenda of an ongoing national public-private dialogue on ensuring profitability and competitiveness in sustainable manufacturing.

Over 70 U.S. companies and industry associations were in attendance to share their experiences in the sustainability field and recommendations on how this newfound public-private dialogue could offer the most value to U.S. companies nationwide. All input received during the event (via opening presentations by both public and private sector representatives and in the day’s breakout sessions) was noted by the Department and considered in the formulation of the Department’s 2008 Sustainable Manufacturing Next Steps.

Please click on the links below to view the event’s agenda, speaker bios, goals, presentations, event readout, and 2008 Next Steps.


Speaker Bios

Event Goals


Event Themes

2008 Next Steps